Introducing an established brand to new markets. Assumption Life's 'Surprisingly Agile' marketing campaign launched a new era for the brand.

Assumption Life is well-known for its downhome maritime approach to friendly, personal service, knowledgeable and responsive staff and its competitive and innovative product offerings.

The marketing campaign’s overall goal was to create brand awareness and engage advisors and consumers while letting Assumption Life’s personality shine through. OrangeSprocket conceptualized and executed a new brand approach and a fully integrated marketing campaign, including advertising for print, custom email marketing, Google Display advertising, custom landing pages and social media advertising.

Assumption Life bear character sketches
Assumption Life bear character graphic
Assumption Life bus stop posters
Assumption Life bear character mask
Assumption Life website
Assumption Life ad design
Assumption Life bear character face

Assumption Life Campaign Design Video

Assumption Life billboard design
Assumption Life social campaign