Welcome to the Polaris Brand universe, a career development program for women leaders at Google.

Polaris: the Polestar or North Star is situated close to the north pole of the heavens, in the constellation Ursa. Polaris is a year-long career development program at Google exclusively for women leaders. The program provides personal and professional development opportunities and a peer and executive coaching network.

The Polaris brand embodies a mindset of creating connections and freedom to explore while guiding participants on a journey of discovery. As a part of a new brand design engagement, the OrangeSprocket team developed visual communications, custom illustrations, email design and development, animation and motion graphics design, collateral, wearables and a website.

The Polaris Universe

This universe concept creates a sense of connectedness to individual goals. This is why we use lines, orbits, constellations, and an entire universe of symbols to represent the network and each participant in the system.

The star shape is born from the intersection of the dot pattern from The School for Leader’s parent brand. This connects to the main brand while showing a new universe of ideas and inspiration.

The Colour Palette

The Polaris colour palette is an offshoot of the Google School for Leaders, expanded to introduce warm and inviting tones.

We created a skin tone palette for illustrations of people, with a wide range of shades reinforcing Polaris’ commitment to inclusion and representativeness.

Google Polaris Brand Design Video

Ideas and Sketches
Website Design