MoneyGenius, a leading personal finance website in Canada, came to OrangeSprocket with a challenge: to create a web-based contest and landing page that would be both engaging, informative and fun and would help them attract new users and grow their business.

We designed a unique and exciting contest called “MoneyGenius Mountain of Prizes,” allowing users to earn points by completing tasks such as signing up for an account or engaging with products. As users earn more points, they climb higher and get closer to winning prizes.

Once the contest concept was developed, we designed a landing page that was visually appealing, easy to navigate, and clearly explained the contest rules and how to enter. We also made sure the page was mobile-friendly so that users could enter the contest from anywhere.

The final contest page design was both engaging and informative. It featured custom-branded illustrations of the “MoneyGenius Mountain of Prizes,” as well as clear and concise instructions on how to enter the contest. The page was also responsive, so it looked great on all devices.

The MoneyGenius contest and landing page were a huge success, attracting new players and unique visitors. The contest also helped MoneyGenius to grow its social media following and increase brand awareness.